Operational Note: STA PLASTIC

On December 5, 2019, an event of unknown origin increased the background on the sensor detectors. The background level has declined, but is still higher than previously and subject to sporadic increases. These trends can be observed with the 'Monitor Rates' accessible on this page.

The background contributes to high currents on the power supplies. To assist in lowering the current draw, the suprathermal E/Q voltages have been reduced and the solid state detectors have been turned off. (These actions may be revisited if the background reduces substantially.)

Data until February 28, 2020, are test scenarios.



Data Gaps and Telemetry

In Summary, the Stereo B satellite provided nominal data most of the time until September 2014. Stereo A generally provided nominal data until August 2014, when telemetry began to be reduced for Solar Conjunction. There is no data from December 17, 2014 until July 9, 2015. More full data is regained in November 2015. Full details are are available HERE. Contact Lorna Ellis with any questions about this spreadsheet.
Lorna Ellis
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